Bodó Balázs


2007                       Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School

2010                       Eötvös Lóránd University, Doctoral Program in Film, Media and Contemporary Culture

Ph.D. with distinction (summa cum laude) in Communications & Media Theory

Thesis title: Necessity knows no laws – The role of copyright pirates in the cultural ecosphere from the printing press to P2P networks.

1993-1999              Budapest University of Economic Sciences

Bsc in Economics, MSc in Economic Policy and International Relations

1994-1999              Budapest University of Economic Sciences

Széchenyi István College of Social Sciences

1997-1998              Uniworld International E-University Philosophy of Communications

Honors and Awards:

2009 Ranked as #40 on the list of Best Lecturers in the 2007/08 academic year (based on student quality feedback, from among approx. 1500 faculty)

2006-2007              Fulbright Visiting Researcher at Stanford Law School, Center for Internet and Society

1998                       Special Award, Economics Section

National Scientific Circle of Students copmetition (OTDK)

Title of the paper: Defining Universal Service on the Internet

1998                       Best paper in Political Sciences

Budapest University of Economic Sciences Scientific Circle of Students competition (TDK)

Title of the paper: Understanding Universal Service

1997                       TEMPUS Scholarship

Windesheim College, Zwolle, The Netherlands, Program in Media and Documentary Film

Professional Career:

2010-                      Member of the National Copyright Expert Council

2007-2010             Special Advisor to the Director of the Hungarian National Data Repository and the Hungarian National Audiovisual Archives

2006-                     Stanford Law School, Center for Internet and Society, Non-Residential Fellow (renewed in 2010)

2001-                      Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Sociology

and Communications

Head of Masters Program in Cultural industries (2009-),

Founding member, researcher at the Centre for Media Research and Education (2004-)


Interests: media regulation, cultural economies, copyright and intellectual property, information commons, digital underground, new media and activism, peer production networks, file-sharing, piracy. New urbanism, public spaces and the city.

1998-2002              T-Online Rt. (Hungarian Telecommunications Company Content Project)

product manager, senior project manager, R+D advisor

Independent Projects:

Vizsla: national search engine, directory, thesaurus, Project Lead

Travelport: worldwide travel portal, Merger & Acquisition

Teaching Experience

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (undergraduate, BA, BSC courses)

Question of internet media 2002-2004

Communications theory for economists 2004-2006

Art and communications: street art and the public space 2001- 2007

Technology and culture 2004-2006

Ad cultures 2003-2006

Intercultural communications 2007-2010

Networked communities 2007/08

History of media and communications 2007-

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (graduate, MA, MSC courses)

New media regulation and policy 2003-2008

Media economics 2003-2006

Network economics 2004-2006

Global Cultural Industries 2009-

Corvinus University (formerly Budapest University of Economic Sciences)

Széchenyi and Rajk Colleges (graduate, MA, MSC level courses)

New media regulation and policy 2007-2008

University of California Study abroad program (undergraduate level courses) The Samizdat Writer, The Hacker, The Pirate, And The Political Protester- The Transgressors And The Circulation Of Signs And Meanings 2008-2010

Research, grants

2007-2010              Toward Détente in Media Piracy, international research project on piracy on the global cultural markets.

Funded by  The Ford Foundation, Center for Assistance to Pollution Victims, Beijing, CN, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada, Friends of Nature.

2007-2010                           COMMUNIA - European Thematic Network on the Public Domain in the Digital Age

2007-2010              Alternative Culture Beyond Borders: Past and Present of the Arts and Media in the Context of Globalization (with support of OSI-HESP ReSET and in collaboration with St. Petersburg State University (Russia), McMaster University (Canada), OSA Archivum (Hungary), and International Samizdat [Research] Associaton.)

2006-2009              P2P Fusion – a social network based p2p technology. EU FP6 research consortium.

2004-                      Creative Commons Hungary Project Lead.

2003-2005              Agyfarm (Brainfarm) – Online technology and collaborative environment for academic research and communication  (Grant # OM IKTA-5, value: approx 300k USD)

2002-2003              E-learning content and development methodology research program (Grant # “T013-PRIII/0004 Didakta”, value: approx 800k USD)

2001                       Feasibility study on free online course material production and distribution for the Hungarian higher education, Researcher

Conferences, public talks, professional associations

Conference organizer, program committee member


Program Committee Member, Panel Moderator

October 7-9, Berlin

Book Publishing and Book Trade in the Age of Digital Copies

organized by the Hungarian Ministry of Justice, the Hungarian Patent Office, and the Anti-Counterfeiting National Committee

panel moderator and program committee member

April 23, 2010, Budapest

Research Workshop on Free Culture

Program Committee Member

October 23, 2009, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Alternative Culture(s) and Urban Space, International Conference,

In cooperation with the International Alternative Culture Center (Hungary) and Urban Laboratory at European Humanities University (Lithuania), CEU Curriculum Resource Center, OSI HESP, CEU OSA Archivum and McMaster University (Canada)

Program Committee Member

2-3 April 2009, Budapest

First International Research Workshop on Free Culture

Program Committee Member

Jul 29–Aug 1, 2008, Sapporo, Japan

National Audiovisual Media Strategy – series of workshops and conferences around key issues in media policy.

In collaboration with the Institute for Legal Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Corvinus University, and the National Radio and Television Authority.

Program Chair

September-December 2007, Budapest

RE:Activism: international conference on new media and activism,

a joint project by Central European University, Budapest University of Technology and economics, Open Society Institute and the Annenberg School for Communication at UPenn.

Program committee member, and Chair of the Organizing Committee

October 2005, Budapest,

The Freedom of Culture – the economics of creative expression

In collaboration with the Institute for Legal Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Program Chair

March 2006, Budapest

„What kind of space do we build here?” series of workshops and public lectures on the interconnectedness of physical and virtual spaces

Program Chair

March – October 2004

Invited participant, panelist, expert contributor

The Google book project and the Hungarian e-book market

Conference on Book marketing

April 15, 2010, Budapest

HASTAC virtual conference

panelist (panel moderator: Christian Sandvig)

April, 2010, online at


organized by the International Alternative Culture Center (Hungary) and the University of Alberta (Canada), with support from CRC CEU and OSI-HESP

panel moderator

April 8-10, 2010, Budapest

Trans-border cultural communities and the borderless internet INTERMAGYAR symposium for journalist in the Hungarian diaspora organized by the Association of Hungarian Journalists

March 20, 2010, Budapest

Legal and moral entrepreneurs and the future of content digitalization

Digitalization, but.. conference

organized by The Library of the Hungarian Parliament. March 17, 2010 Budapest

The Pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean: File-sharing Networks as Distributed Archives and Context Creating Networks

Circuits of Profit: Business Network Research Conference

organized by Central European University Center for Network Science (CNS), Maven Seven Network Research Ltd., Social Network Analysis section of the Hungarian Sociological Association

January 10, 2010, Budapest

The future of online content distribution

Roundtable organized by the Hungarian Patent Office and the National Anti-Counterfeiting Organization

November 17, 2009 Budapest

Creative Commons and open education

Open Education Forum

November 7-8, 2009, Budapest

Where to go with Creative Commons?

Web2.0 Conference

March, 2009, Budapest

Barcamp Bratislava

February 2009, Bratislava

Pirates and online networks

Hamisítási (T)rend 2008 – conference on counterfeiting and copyright infringement

Organized by the Hungarian Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright ,

Siófok, November, 2008

Coppers and Robbers Conference

Panelist, Round table on Collecting societies and Creative Commons

October, 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia

What is Creative Commons?

Open Source Farm – Conference on Open Source Software, Open Standards, and Open Culture

October 9. 2008, Budapest

Strategy workshop on IP Enforcement Issues

Hosted by the OSI Information Program,


June 2008, London

Toward Détente in Media Piracy – a research and advocacy collaboration network organized by the Social Science Research Council, Sarai and the Alternative Law Forum, the Instituto Overmundo at the Fundação Getulio Vargas, and the Association of Progressive Communications and the LINK Center.


June, 2008, London

Public Voice – an effort to represent public interest at the OECD Ministerial Conference,


June 17-18, 2008, Seoul, Korea.

Between Art and Trespass – Graffiti and the Urban Public Spaces

Workshop organized by the Mayor of Budapest

May 2008, Budapest

Digital Undergrounds

From Samizdat to Blogging: International conference on Globalization and New Forms of Political Expression

20-21 February, 2008, Budapest

Ad-blocking and ad-based business models

Internet Hungary Conference


2007, Tihany

Hacking the culture industries

Hacktivity conference

Budapest, September, 2007

On Creative Commons

“The Budapest Dialogue – Intellectual Property, Creative Economies and their Consumers”

International Conference

September, 2007, Budapest

Underground commons – keynote speech

3. ICommons Summit

Dubrovnik, June, 2007

File sharing networks and their role in cultural preservation in Hungary

Guest speaker at the Chicago-Kent College of Law

March 22, 2007

Robin Hood Digital

Stanford Law School, Center for Internet and Society, CIS/SLATA Lunch Talk series

October 23, 2006

Paper presenter

Necessity knows no Laws

ESF-COST High-Level Research Conference on Future Internet and Society

2-7 October 2010, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy

The Hungarian p2p film-sharing market and the fate of cinema distribution

Internet Use and Impact conference

November 05 – 06, 2009, APPLIED ECONOMETRICS ASSOCIATION, Marseille, France

The Hungarian p2p cultural black market – an empirical research

Hactivity Conference

September, 2009, Budapest

P2P black markets in Hungary

4th Inclusiva-net Meeting: P2P Networks and Processes

July 6-10, 2009, Madrid, Spain

Movie pirates and cinema distribution

International Conference on Media Piracy

April, 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Music pirates on and offline

Networks of Music Conference

October, 2008 Budapest

Underground commons, illegal archives- the secret life of intellectual properties

“Towards a Philosophy of Telecommunications Convergence” International Conference

September, 2007, Budapest

Pirate communities and underground distribution networks

‘Re-Thinking Cultural Economy’ conference

Manchester University  Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC)

September, 2007, Manchester UK

What can we learn from p2p pirates?

57th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association:  Creating Communication: Content, Control, Critique

May, 2007, San Francisco

Social Networks, peer communities

Mindentudás Egyeteme,

May, 2007, Budapest

Recycled revolution

Capturing the Moving Mind: Management and Movement in the Age of Permanently Temporary War, An ephemera conference on the Trans-Siberian train

September, 2005, Moscow-Novosibirsk-Beijing

Selected Publications

Bodó, B. (2011) Szükség törvényt bont – a szerzői jogi kalózok szerepe a kulturális termelés és elosztás folyamataiban a könyvnyomtatástól a P2P hálózatokig. Typotex, Budapest

Bodó, B. (forthcoming): The motivational background of illegal file-sharers. in Z. Kacsuk & T. Tószegi (eds), Networks of Music. Budapest: L’Harmattan

Bodó, B., & Lakatos, Z. (2010). ‘A filmek online feketepiaca és a moziforgalmazás (Online black market of films and the movie distribution)’, Szociológiai Szemle (Review of Sociology of the Hungarian Sociological Association).

Bodó, B. (forthcoming). ‘Coda: A Short History of Book Piracy’ in J. Karaganis (ed) Media Piracy in Emerging Economies (New York: Social Science Research Council)

Bodó, B. (2007). The Club model of cultural consumption and distribution. Budapest: Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Bodó, B., Halácsy, P., Korsós, M., Prekopcsák, Z., & Szalai, A. (2007). P2P hálózatok vizsgálata. Budapest:Kitchen Budapest Medialab.

Bodó, B., & Gyenge, A. (2007). A könyvtári kölcsönzések után fizetendő jogdíj közgazdasági szempontú elemzése (Economic analysis of public lending rights), Ingyenebéd. Budapest: Szabadlovas Közgazdász Egyesület.

Bodó, B. (2006). ‘A szerzői jog gazdaságtana az online világban (The economics of copyright in the online world)’ in B. Wellman, P. Halácsy & G. Vályi (eds), Hatalom a mobil tömegek kezében (Power in the hands of mobile masses). Budapest: Typotex.

Bodó, B. (2006). ’50bri Jó5k4 |)!9!t41′, Café Bábel(53).

Bodó, B. (2004). ‘Szerzett immunhiány (Urban Immunodeficiency)’, Mozgó Világ(11).

Bodó, B. (2003). ‘Bolyongás egy áldás nélküli térben (Meandering in a graceless space)’, Café Bábel(Május).

Bodó, B. (2003). ‘A „mély link” Internetes tartalomszolgáltatók vs. Internet (“The deep link”– how to control deep linking services)’, Beszélő(Summer).

Bodó, B., & Szekfű, B. (eds.) (2003). Hálózati Gazdaságtan Szöveggyűjtemény (Network Economics Reader). Budapest: Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Bodó, B., & Pintér, R. (2002). Bevezetés az információs társadalomba (Introduction to Information Society),  Media Institute e-learning course. Budapest: Hungarian Telecom.

Guest Editor of the Special Issue of Peer Reviewed Journal EASTBOUND RE:activism – re-drawing the boundaries of activism in new media environment


English    Proficient

French     Proficient

Hungarian               mother tongue


Driving License

Computer Skills

windows, office, SPSS, Visual Basic, SQL

Extracurricular activities

1998- 2008             Tilos Rádió (non-profit community Radio in Budapest) Editor-Reporter,

Member of the board


Travel, art, literature, music, gastronomy

Budapest, 01/12/2010

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