Mindentudás Egyeteme – 1.

project duration
January 2005 – December 2005

project objectives

Mindentudás Egyeteme (ME) is a popular education program developed in co-operation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Magyar Telekom. ME is broadcast on a number of TV channels and enhanced by additional information published in various print media and online). After 2 and a half year of successful operation, increasing uses numbers and a steadily growing information pool called for a redesign of the original online infrastructure including the selection and application of a new content management system as well as the development of a more dynamic site that enables users to more freely select individual pathways through the content offered on the ME portal.

The ME portal consists of two main units: the content management system and the portal system. The first one of these is to support the work of editors and writing staff. The second is to dynamically display hypertextual content in accordance with user needs and expectations. The close functional interaction of the these two systems is required in order to integrate user generated and editorial content. Furthermore, as ME’s main objective is to increase popular distribution of scientific achievements, the ergonomy of the portal’s interface design, de quickening of the systems’s response times were essential in order to provide a more positive user experience and increase the number of users.

project website


project participants
András Aklan, Péter Halácsy Péter, István Szakadát, Szabolcs Somlai-Fischer

project funders
Magyar Telekom; Mindentudás Kht.

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