NDA – Hungarian National Digital Archive

project duration
January 2003 – June 2004

project objectives
MOKK was commissioned to develop the design concept of the National Didital Archive, (NDA) and provide a feasibility study. Instead of a classic archive, we conceptualised an integrated network of independent institutions. In this network, a set of international synthactical and semantic standards and common knowledge management tools are put to use in order to ensure seamless communication and inter-operability. NDA could be thought of as a process or movement that at the same time offers practical results. The most essential outcome is a common portal interface that will enable users to search and browse the catalogues of the archives that joined the NDA initiative.

project status

project website


project participants

Gábor Knapp Gábor, István Szakadát, Eszter Babarczy, Péter György

project funder
Hungarian Ministry of Information Technologies and Telecommunication

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