Date of Birth: 1954

Email: gpeter-at-emc.elte.hu

Professional Experience


May 2002 - Media Education and Research Centre, Department of Sociology and Communications, TechnicalUniversityBudapest

1999 - Media Lab at Sociology Department, TechnicalUniversityBudapest

1997 - director, Communications Department, EötvösLórándUniversity

1997 guest lecturer, NewSchool for Social Research/New York

1995-1996 guest lecturer, NewSchool for Social Research, New York

1991-1992 lecturer at Social Studies Department of College of Fine Arts

1980 - assistant lecturer/assistant professor/senior docent, Aesthetics Department, EötvösLórándUniversity


preparations of the National Audiovisual Archives

1998- Matáv, advisor on internet-related developments of Origo and Axelero

1994 -1995 internet consultant, Ministry for Culture

Membership of Scientific/Professional bodies:

Member of Editorial Board, Jel-Kép

associate, Magyar Narancs

Member of Editorial Board, Cafe Babel

National Alliance of Hungarian Journalists, member

Hungarian Society for Philosophy, member

International Press Institute, member

Slovenian Society for Aesthetics, member

American Society for Aesthetics, member


1995 PhD in Aesthetics

1985 university doctoral degree in Aesthetics

1979 Eötvös Lóránd University, MA in Hungarian/History/Aesthetics

Research Scholarships

2001 researcher, NewSchool for Social Research, New York

Major projects and researches

1999- WolfsonCollege Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, Oxford. As a part of the co-operation we organised a conference on 11-12-01 on analyising the media impacts of 11 September, which was one of the first online conferences in Hungary

Autumn 2000 De-Center – Online seminar as a collaboration between NewSchool for Research, Department of Media, Media Department at EötvösLórándUniversity and Media Lab at the TechnicalUniversity in Budapest, in cooperation with researchers from universities in New York, Rome and Sao Paolo




Conferences, Lectures

2001 Conference on the relationship between 21st century media and national culture organised by City University and the Hungarian Cultural Institute, London

2000 12th European Television and Film Forum, Bologna

1999 World Conference on Aesthetics, Ljubjana

NetMedia 99, London

1998 Euromedia Press Pectives, Vienna

High Tech Forum, Copenhagen

Removing E-Barriers, Münster

Internet Summit, London

Publications in English and languages other than Hungarian:

The Hungarian Neoavantgarde ( In.Postsocialist Art /Postmodern Condition ( edited by Aless Erjavec ) California University Press, 2003

György Péter: Privacy and Openness – in Digital Environment In: Social Research 2002/

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György Péter: Die Okkupation des Alltags. In: Kunst und Diktatur: Architektur, Bildhauerei und Malerei in Österreich, Deutschland, Italien und der Sowjetunion 1922-1956, Baden: Verlag Grasl, Band 2, 1994, p. 723-727

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