Date of Birth: 1954
E-mail: sallai.laszlo [AT] ln.matav.hu

Work Experience

  • 2003- deputy head of department, Budapest University of Economics and Technology, Sociology and Communications Department
  • 1993- director of education, Matáv Rt.
  • 1990-93 head of education department, Matáv Rt.
  • 1972-90 investor, main advisor Hungarian Post

Professional membership

  • National Council of Distance Learning council member
  • ECDL AB member
  • Szent István University member of senate
  • Budapest Technical College member of senate
  • Foundation for Telecommunications Education head of board
  • Foundation for the Higher Education in Telecommunications and Telematics, board member
  • Apertus Public Foundation board member


  • 2002 Quality Manager, Budapest University of Economics and Technology
  • 1987 teacher, Kandó Kálmán Technical College
  • 1984 electrical engineer, Széchenyi István College

Major Projects

  • organisation of a complex training system comprised of more than 1000 modules
  • organising education and training materials in the field of telecommunications technology
  • quality management of a training process according to ISO and EFQM models
  • organisation of a multimedial education system
  • introduction of change management
  • elaboration of complex management-support system
  • organisation of complex training infrastructure
  • elaboration of HR training and management system
  • professional expert network with international and national telecommunication and training organisations
  • management/direction of Puskás Tivadar Secondary school specialised in telecommunication
  • representation of the company in national educational contacts and international organisations  (EURO-TEAM, ADAPT, GLOBAL-TEAM)
  • MULTI-CENTER program


  • English

Publications, Presentations

  • 2002. University of All-knowledge / Mindentudás Egyeteme
  • 2002. new type of media education
  • 2000. Quality Management in Corporate Training
  • 1998. Culture Change in Multinational Companies
  • 1996. Methods of Human Resource Development
  • 1995. Modular Training

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